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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Synthesis and photoluminescence of ferritin protein encapsulated rare earth nanoparticles 原田,知明
31-Mar-1979 Synthesis of 4-Alkoxynaphthyl Methyl Sulfide from 1-Alkoxy-4.thiocyanatonaphthalene and Methanol in the Presence of Cyanide Anion 藤木,清子
25-Mar-2001 Synthesis of Grafted Polydimethylsiloxane Membranes with Fluoroalkyl Methacrylate and their Volatile Organic Compounds Separation Properties 三島,聡子
20-Mar-1957 T.G. コノリー,W. スラッキン「社会科学のための統計学への入門」 飯塚,仁之助
1-Mar-2015 TBS闘争の中の「ウルトラマン」「ウルトラセブン」 花岡,敬太郎
31-Mar-2010 Teaching Academic Skills in Content-based Courses Evelyn J,NAOUMI
30-Sep-2018 Teaching of multi-word expressions to second language learners 松崎,武志; Takeshi,Matsuzaki
31-Mar-1999 Teaching the Suprasegmental Features of English 大熊,栄; Sakae,Okuma
31-Mar-2011 Teaching “Astrosociology”-Science fiction as classroom material for humanities-based hypothetical discourse of space exploration and development- Renato,Rivera Rusca
31-Mar-2014 Technical Assistance for Delinquent Clients 小関,隆志; Takashi,KOSEKI
31-Mar-1994 A Technique for Stress Visualization 谷内,聖
10-Mar-1984 Tefl in the Secondary Schools an Update James,R.Bowers
28-Feb-2018 TF-IDFを用いた文書分類の試み 木村,美紀
2005 Theoretical and experimental study of knowledge representation model based on molecular computing 坪井,勇政; Yusei,Tsuboi
30-Jan-1999 The Theoretical Structure of Fetishism and The Relationistic Value Theory 飯田,和人; Kazuto,IIDA
31-Aug-1990 Theories of Civil-Military Relations as related to Japan and a Comparison with Germany's Case 三宅,正樹
29-Feb-2000 Theory of Optimal Strategy in Business Communications under Inheritable and Non-inheritable Information Sets 塩澤,恵理
1-Mar-1987 Thermo Field Dynamics による熱拡散の理論 中村,孔一
Mar-2018 Thickness Design for Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion 杉原,厚吉; Kokichi,Sugihara
20-Mar-1993 Thomas J. Millsオレゴン大学国際局長(アメリカ)の短期招請について 入江,隆則
25-Jul-2016 Thomas Mahnken,Joseph Maiolo and David Stevenson(eds.),Arms Races in International Politics -From the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century,Oxford University Press,2016,x+302PP.- 横井,勝彦
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